Why we do what we do.


My goal for Sound Convictions is for it to become a resource for all things music. Music is my passion and if you are reading this I imagine it is yours as well. We are looking to add music reviews and ratings, interviews, venue reviews, etc. We are building a collection of writers to deliver ongoing content to develop a digital magazine of sorts for the music world. One of our differences is going to be our focus on less mainstream music. That stuff is easy to access and found everywhere. I’d like to foster new musicians or quality bands who may not be looking for a big record deal but just want to have fun and put out amazing music or that have a DIY ethos and buck the industry. I want this to be a resource for people looking to find new music that inspires the soul.

If you are a band and would like us to review your material, reach out to us and we will take a listen. If you are a music lover, share your thoughts and favorite bands and we will try to engage with you and build a relationship. If you own a music shop and would like to get some exposure reach out to us. We may be willing to help out if you are helping musicians be better musicians or selling their merch.

If you have something you would like to see on the site, go to the contact Sound Convictions page or share your ideas in the form to the right. We will try to add anything that helps the music scene. Thanks and Happy Listening!