Arizona O’Hurn –
Rap Sheet

Writer, Music Lover, Youth Gone Wild, Parolee

Sound Convict: #00020

Alias: Radium Rollercoaster

AKA: Zoe, the youngest

Date Convicted: 12/09/13

Location Convicted: Clarksville, TN

Crimes Committed:

  • Liking things everyone else hates
  • Knowing more about your favorite band than you do
  • Liking music more than people
  • Overplaying bands
  • Rocking too hard at shows
  • Being just a little obsessed

Cities Crimes were Committed:
Clarksville, Nashville, Memphis


Sound Convictions for:
  • Punk-rock
  • Pop-Punk
  • ‘Polished’ Grunge
  • 90’s Grunge
  • Post-hardcore
  • 80’s rock
  • Alternative
  • Southern Rock
  • Metal
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Acoustic
  • Indie-Pop
  • Techno
  • Emo

Sound Convict’s Plea:

I can remember the soundtracks that I grew up with when I was really young. Genres all across the spectrum, artists of all kinds, I grew up with an open mind but a limited taste. It wasn’t until middle school that I realized that music was much more expansive than I knew. I was introduced to a band called My Chemical Romance by a friend, and both the band and the friend opened my eyes to a whole new set of genres and countless other bands.

I fell hard and fast for the taste of music; like knowledge, I thought it was power and it made me feel invincible. I craved more. My music list was endless; I devoured record after record enjoying music. Then I was taken to my first concert. I was stuck next to two old ladies who didn’t know who they were there to see, but I could feel the energy pulsing through the energy. It was my first high for live performance, a thrill that would never cease to amaze.

I started going to more intimate shows-The Nearly Deads leaving a lasting impression, and decided to combine my two loves: writing and music. Putting the two together created endless possibilities and opportunities. I picked up the pen name Radium Rollercoaster and began covering the local bands and records that came out and interested me. Music has given me everything I hold the most dear, the best of friends met at concerts and the most crisp memories from songs played in small venues. I give back in the only way I can: spreading the knowledge and going to shows. Music is the best thing to have happened to me, and it is a love affair young still yet.

These are my crimes, and for them, I plead guilty!

I accept my Sentence!