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Sound Convictions is a website for Music News, Views, and Reviews.

If you are someone who…

  1. loves music
  2. loves to write
  3. actually, can write well (no typos or grammar issues please)
  4. likes sharing your thoughts and opinions about music
  5. and you are a digital native then you landed on the right website.

We are looking for you!


We want people who are willing to tell the world, who rocks, and who sucks c@ck$! We love all music that has heart and soul, but prefer underdogs and obscure music or at least not Top 40 commercial radio stuff.



What you need to Get Convicted:


  • a deep passion for music
  • a desire to share your thoughts on music, bands, and shows
  • the ability to write a 300 to 800 word articles a few times a month or quarter
    (if you’re good we’d prefer weekly articles and maybe a regular column)
  • the ability to SPELL and an understanding of PROPER GRAMMAR usage
  • 100% original content since our site is built on getting listed in search engines, duplicate content could get us blacklisted so we require exclusive online content (but you can promote your work offline or point people online to any article on our site for self-promotional purposes)
  • have a following, or ability to learn how to build a following, to share your articles and all other sound convicts’ articles, posts and tweets
  • a desire to find & share new music with our readers (and convicts)
  • like the idea of becoming a thought leader and being part of a team and community of music thought leaders for the underdogs in the music industry


So if you are still reading, then you must meet some or all of these requirements. Sign up today and we will reach out to you to discuss where you might be a good fit.

Side areas we’d love help: Photography of music items/shows, Creating a Podcast Radio Show, Video Production, Design, Illustration, Web Programming, App Development, Business Operations, Sales, Screenprinting, Editorial Planning and Management, Social Media publisher/promoter, etc. If you bring something else to the table let us know.

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Current Convicts & Past Offenders on Probation


Current Convict: Dale Berkebile

Current Convict: Joel Weichbrodt

Current Convict: Frank

Past Convict - On Probation: Martina Fasano

Past Convict - On Probation: Rene Asher Pickup

Past Convict - On Probation: Bloozkat

Past Convict - On Probation: Arizona O'Hurn

Past Convict - On Probation: A Brookly Observer