A Brooklyn Observer –
Rap Sheet

Writer, Observer, Mysterious Convict

Sound Convict: #00006

Alias: A Brooklyn Observer


Date Convicted: 8/16/12

Location Convicted: Brooklyn, NY

Crimes Committed: 

  • Passed out at too many concerts
  • Obsessive listening to favorite songs
  • Hidden contempt for authority
  • Secret desire to start a revolution
  • Veneration of musical storytelling
  • Love for artists with substance abuse problems

Cities Crimes were Committed:
New York:

Sound Convictions for:
  • Rock ‘n Roll
  • Jazz
  • Excessive listening to Rolling Stones
  • Excessive substance abuse followed by sobriety

Sound Convict’s Plea:

Music is the great escape. It’s better than drugs or alcohol (neither of which are open to me anymore.)

I make my way in the world out there, paying my bills, showing up on time, while silently waiting for the chance to overthrow the machine.

My dream is to be a part of a revolution led by bike riders.

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for a while, but not since before it was cool because Brooklyn has always been cool. And I don’t live in Williamsburg, but I like it.

For these crimes, I plead guilty!

I accept my Sentence!