Dale Berkebile –
Rap Sheet

Founder, Editor-in-chief and Lifelong Music Connoisseur

Sound Convict: #00001

Alias: F-bomb

Date Convicted: 7/11/12

Location Convicted: Fort Worth

Crimes Committed:

  • lifetime music connoisseur
  • music elitist
  • bashing of all things mainstream
  • love for all genres
  • no rhythm harmonica player

Cities Crimes were Committed:
Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, Houston
Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia
Washington DC:

 Sound Convictions for:
  • Punk Rock
  • Rockabilly
  • Indie
  • Alternative
  • Outlaw Country
  • Rap
  • Industrial
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Techno
  • Ska
  • Surf
  • Rock

Sound Convict’s Plea:

I have been listening to music all my life. I have found that music has really helped me fuel my creative side. For years I’ve worked in the design and marketing world and over the last 14 years or so I have spent much of my time building my branding business, Brandwise. I love all things design and art related. I wanted to rekindle my music passion by building this website community of like minded music fanatics.

I have tastes for all kinds of music, but I lean more towards obscure bands/music or bands who are the underdogs, so to speak. I grew up listening to Punk Rock so I have a bit of the DIY (do it yourself) attitude, and so I am putting a little DIY into this site.

If you looked at my CD collection, it tells the biography of my life. I could throw on some music and be transported back to a time in my life where the song, band or CD was a big part of my world. I want to be able to share all of that with you and hear you tell your stories about music.

…and for this, I Plea Guilty as Charged!

I accept my Life Sentence!