So I found this interesting infographic today on the Perfect Porridge blog. If you haven’t read Greg’s blog, you might want to check it out. You will see as you watch this video (infographic) things look to be rough in the music industry on a whole and that society is moving to a more digital world.

This brings up some questions.

  • Is the music industry at large hurting or is it just the big record labels?
  • Are bands finding new ways to make money and get exposure?
  • Has the DIY (do it yourself) punk rock ethos been adopted my all genres?

If you are a musician, please share your thoughts. If we get some good comments we might do a write-up or interview your band and give you some free exposure. And just like that… are the major music publishers (Spin / Rolling Stone) in trouble as bands can get coverage through online music sites like this one or Perfect Porridge?

What are the biggest struggles for musicians today?

  • How tech savvy they are?
  • How well they engage with blog writers and social media experts?
  • Or is it just playing a damn good set?

Performance seems like it would still be important, but who you know and how you connect with people may also be important in the digital age. I mean look a Justin Bieber he got huge in a digital world.

This brings up another point – is it easier for boy bands to trump quality musicians. You know, because they got the numbers behind them ( the majority of people want and love mainstream music and not new experimental bands). Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Fragmented World of Digital Music  infographic