Renee Asher Pickup –
Rap Sheet

Outrageous Writer, Marine Tough Music Lover

Sound Convict: #00017

Alias: The Titular Author

AKA: That chick with the green hair. Yes, Pickup is my real name. Jarhead.

Date Convicted: 10/29/13

Location Convicted: Murrieta, CA

Crimes Committed:

  • Unnatural acts of hair dye
  • Killing disco
  • Public skanking
  • Knowing about that band before you did
  • skinny jeans
  • Fighting: the law, authority, for the right to party
  • Kind of liking that one Miley Cyrus song

Cities Crimes were Committed:
California: Merced, Tulare, Los Angeles

Louisiana: New Orleans,  
Washington DC,

other dirty, dimly lit rooms in dirty, dimly lit cities.


Sound Convictions for:

All genres with “Punk” as a suffix (yes, even that one), and

  • ska
  • reggae
  • rocksteady
  • pop of the 50s, 60s, 80s
  • Johnny Cash (the man is a genre)
  • Rockabilly
  • psychobilly

Sound Convict’s Plea:

Finding ska in junior high changed my life. I went from my all time favorite band, Reel Big Fish, to other ska bands, then into the deep dark rabbit hole of punk rock and it’s various subgenres.

I dove into my local underground headfirst. When the venue I knew and loved closed up for good I moved onto the metal underground because once I had a taste of underground music… I couldn’t go back to listening to mass produced bullshit on my stereo. I couldn’t play an instrument, but started a few bands that never went beyond practicing for a few weeks in someone’s garage before realizing we sucked.

Realizing punk rock stardom wasn’t in my future, I…

  • started helping bands haul gear, playing real life Tetris with their equipment in minivans
  • handed out flyers
  • helped clean up
  • did whatever I could do to stay involved with the scene

Music is still my lifeblood. I write to music, drive to music, clean the house to it, play it for my kid. I champion independent bands and artists I love and get to live shows whenever I can.

For these crimes, I plead guilty!

I accept my Sentence!