Why we do what we do. What we need from our team members to fill the world with GREAT MUSIC!


  1. Have FUN at all cost! – Be enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and love music. No Jerks!
  2. Be Smart/Intelligent – Know a lot about music and always focused on learning more about music, genres, history, the industry, and business in general. No dumbasses or ignorant people – open mindedness and intelligence is mandatory.
  3. Work Hard/Play Hard – be willing to work hard when needed and be willing to do whatever it takes to make the client/our reader happy. Continuous self-improvement and growth focused. Play just as hard by listening to more music, going to see more live shows and participating in all things music!
  4. Be Innovative/Think Different – we can’t do what everyone else is doing. We need to find an area where we are creating our own niche in the industry. we need to be willing to try new things and be okay with failure from time to time.
  5. Punk Rock Ethos/Buck The System – Create a DIY (do it yourself) business model that allows us to support ourselves by doing things no one else is doing or everyone else says can’t be done. Wake up every morning and be proud of what you are doing and that you ARE able to do what they said couldn’t be done.
  6. Be Weird/Unique/Different – we are looking for a community of people that are okay with living outside of everyday “expected behavior and lifestyles”. We are artists and creatives and okay with being different even though outsiders may not understand. No need for approval from others.
  7. Honesty & Integrity – Although we may be rough, we are stronger as a team, than as a solo artist. This means we need to be focused on doing whatever is best for the company/community instead of always looking out for ourselves. Lying/cheating/stealing will not be tolerated unless it’s from the MAN (kidding).



Educate people on the power of passionate, fire-in-the-belly music created by the underdog artists.


Our Niche:

Using music to create happiness for our followers and customers.