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Here's the Lineup of today's Sound Convicts!

Dale Berkebile:

Lead Convict, Editor-in-Chief Writer and Founder

Fort Worth, TX – Sound Convict #00001

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Joel Weichbrodt:

Writer, Master Email Interviewer, Loyal Convict

Ridgefield, WA – Sound Convict #00010

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Franklin Mount:

Writer, Facebook Content Poster, Music Historian

Brooklyn, NY – Sound Convict #00006

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Martina Fasano:

Writer, Queen of Twitter, Rock ‘n’ Roll Worshiper

Maple, Ontario – Sound Convict #00022

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Rene Asher Pickup:

Outrageous Writer, Marine Tough, Music Lover

Murrieta, CA – Sound Convict: #00017.

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A Brooklyn Observer:

Writer, Observer, Mysterious Convict

Brooklyn, NY – Sound Convict #A00006

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Music Lover, Map Expert, Quality Control, Sales

Harrisburg, PA – Sound Convict #00002

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Arizona's fake mug shot for Sound Convictions' music site.

Arizona O’Hurn:

Writer, Music Lover, Youth Gone Wild, Parolee

Clarksville, TN –  Sound Convict #00020

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