Martina Fasano –
Rap Sheet


Sound Convict: #00022

Alias: Playing with Chaos

AKA: The #2 Bitch With The Hot Guitar(s)

Date Convicted: 05/09/14

Location Convicted: Maple, Ontario, Canada

Crimes Committed:

  • Rock’n’Roll worship
  • and loud guitar playing is what I’m all about

Cities Crimes were Committed:
 Los Angeles
New York:
 NYC,  Indiana: Ft. Wayne

Sound Convictions for:
  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • 50’s-60’s pop
  • Early Rock
  • Country
  • Blues

Sound Convict’s Plea:

I have been a fan of rock music since I was 5, and a musician since I was 11. I have a soft spot for the female icons of rock – Lita Ford and Joan Jett topping my list.

I was born the same month and year The Runaways broke up, and from those ashes, I took my first breath of badass-ness. I am a sucker for a great pop tune, but since there isn’t much out there these days, I revert to my vinyl collection to indulge in my aural fantasies.

I feel that hot cars and rock music go hand in hand, and I will admit to speeding in my Camaro while blasting heavy metal.

For these crimes, I plead guilty as charged…

…and I have No Remorse!